for grandma.

Hi all. This post is going out to Grandma Kreienkamp. I wanted her to be able to see my new pad. Also, for those who don’t know, Gma K. was my roomie last summer. Best. Roommate. Ever. No one I’d rather enjoy a post-work cocktail with. šŸ˜‰

Major thanks to Mom & Dad & JAMIE!! who helped me get this room put together. Jamie, in an act that deserves sainthood, helped me paint this big room. Reinactment: 2AM Me: “Man. Maybe we should stop.” Jamie: “Well, let’s keep going. We at least have to get to the end of this wall.” Mom & Dad traveled 17hrs south with the following PACKED into their van: 2 dressers, bed frame, mattress, chair, bedside table, all of my winter clothes, trinkets, paintings, pictures, etc. Pulled a Mary Poppens and created the never ending carpetbag van. The van was rewarded once it reached Austin. Of course ATX embraced our 1980s conversion van. One local dubbed it “vintage” and the tired, often underappreciated van basked happily in its new notoritety.



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