the life of a twentysomething.

Hello, hello!

Because of my technological shortcomings (mainly a geezer computer &  faulty internet) my postings have been few and far between, even with my renewed interest in blogging. I’ve been crazy busy lately. Like always. But now, thanks to some time to kill & my beloved Quack’s Cafe, here’s a post just in time for a classy Saturday brunch. Hoist your mimosas ladies.

It was the Wurst

It was the Wurst

Last night I went to Wurstfest ’09 with my coworker Madelyn, her husband Cody and a few new friends. Wurstfest is a big German festival with sights set on usurping Oktoberfest. Texas has a lot of German history and has many  former German settlements turned cute small towns. Wurstfest celebebrates this heritage as only Texas could– large & loud, baby. There were American flags, crazy hats, polka music, sausage on a stick (really all food types on a stick) and beer-a-plenty. I have never heard a crowd cheer so loudly for the chicken dance before. It was an awesome night– a lot of laughter, skewers, strudel & fun. Last thought concerning Wurstfest: it’s charming motto is “A week long salute to sausage!” Yes, indeed.

After which, I met up with my dear, dear friend Jamie and the two of us hit up a math party a few blocks from my house.

Like a Quentin Tarantino movie, let’s work our way backwards. Thursday night meant my magical co-worker’s Tolly’s (the Austin Eavesdropper) & friend Richard’s (Ultra8201) fabulous BleetUp party. It’s an opportunity for bloggers in Austin (and all of us who love reading their blogs) to come and mix & mingle. Tolly & Richard did it up right and the party was killer. There were multiple bands on multiple stages. Props to them for a night worth blogging about.

And of course, Halloween weekend!! On Friday, a few of us at work met up at Tolly & my favorite Hyde Park haunt, Quacks. After we all destressed over coffee and yummy sandwiches, the group dispersed. Coworker & friend, Breanna & I spent the rest of our beautiful Friday afternoon wandering around the botanical gardens. Our leisurely stroll quickly evolved into a photo shoot. It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

A White Russian, Penguin and Black Russian.

Recipe: 1 White Russian, 1 Black Russian, Penguin. Stir & serve

Saturday meant Halloween, which we on Keasbey St took most seriously. I lived with two communists that night. Roomates Amy & Nyla went as a white Russain and a black Russian. Hilarious. And I ressurected my penguin costume & we all party hopped. Eventually, I made my way to Headhunters to see one of Ross’, Tolly’s husband, band play. The weekend was rounded out by a screening at Breanna’s place of Firefly, an epic now-canceled TV show that can only be described as “a space western.”

Other activities in the past couple of months have included a Mediterranean festival (oopa! better believe we danced, flourishing our hands and clapping), a few concerts (Grizzly Bear was the best), a UT game (Hook ’em horns), a trip to Knause Springs and a visit to Copeland where I learned to two-step.

It’s true what they say about Austin– you’re never lacking for things to do.

Saturday love to you, Reader. XO


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