Let’s call it observing the Lord’s Day

I tend to write my blog posts in Word docs before posting them. I don’t know why, though I guess if WordPress ever goes haywire, I suppose I’ll have backups. Anyway, I wrote a decently wordy blog post was about ready to copy, paste and post when I stopped dead in my tracks.

Wait, it’s Sunday!

In my defense, I’m on vacation. But is that strange that I don’t want to post it on a Sunday? I feel like people won’t really read it. I also feel like we don’t need to talk business until we’re all back in that mindframe, M-F.

Are we only true social media users M-F?

So, in a slightly ironic way, I’m choosing to blog about not blogging on Sundays in order to get your opinion. Do you blog on Sundays? Do you blog on weekends?

I’m curious to see what you say. Also, you’ll get a better blog post tomorrow. Happy weekend!


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