Return post 1 in which I wonder how you do it

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged. I know it’s maybe weird that I’m apologizing, but there’s a level of guilt attached to walking away from something that you connected with people about. Or through. I feel the same way when I haven’t tweeted. I know in both cases, it’s by no means severe. My ego is not so inflated that I think that I have dozens of readers who hang on my every word. I’ve been blessed to have friends, aquaintances and the occasional web-wanderer stop by, and I feel that it’s a shame to not give this conversation the effort it’s deserved. In my defense, I have two shocking revelations that may help you see why it’s been a challenge for me to blog.

1. I started a new job.

2. I *just* got internet at my house.

I just finished week three at my new job- a marketing specialist position at an anti-domestic violence nonprofit. So far I LOVE it. I get to do all sorts of things like run the teen dating twitter/facebook/website (which includes a blog), write articles for newsletters, proofread, brainstorm different ad campaigns, etc. Best part, I’m so proud to say I work there. These people (aka my coworkers) are doing such meaningful work. And they’re hella smart.

As for the internet, I feel like this is similar to a magician saying that he never actually owned a white rabbit. Or an Aztec Tomb (if you catch that reference, you get 10 points and we’ll most likely be friends). How could I, Ms. Millenial, wanna-be-blogger and Twitteress, not have internet in my own home? How can a fish survive without water?

Well, by constantly swimming in coffee cups at various cafes.

It was actually kind of horrible. I don’t recommend vagabonding it in search of wifi. Also, don’t trust Flightpath. Their internet will go out at the exact moment you have to send something every time.

Anyways, I’m rambling. I’ll wrap it up with this. A lot of people talk about social media fatigue. We’ve all heard people compare Twitter to an addiction. What about the sense of obligation that is attached to social media? I know I’ve said it to my friends in advertising, “Seriously- you’re not on Twitter?!” or “You should really start a blog.” Which of course is my reiteration of what people have told me.

-Which, by the way, I’m really very thankful for. I should be writing. I like to write. I love Twitter. I have a community there.-

But sometimes I think things like- what about work/life balance? Isn’t everyone saying that these days, with flex hours and whatnot, that we were actually almost starting to move towards a European, healthy understanding of when to work and when to shut the laptop? It doesn’t really seem like it anymore, with people using Twitter/blogs/Facebook not only for self-expression but also to advance their careers. What about the fact that everybody has some lack of resources–be it time, lack of internet, etc–that prevents them from engaging in social media sometimes? It’s tricky. What do we sacrifice in order to develop “a strong online platform” ? (I’m starting to gag when I hear those words these days btw)

Who knows. All I’d like to know is how you crazy bloggers/professionals pull it off. I know @TWalk blogs in chunks. I know other people who designate a time to crank a blog post or two out. You writers out there- when you’re already writing/editing/blogging all day, how do you find the energy to then blog for yourself? And still have time and energy to go to the gym, cook yourself dinner, have friends, go out, do laundry, wash the car, etc.?

Give the newbie tips. You know I love hearing from you.


2 Comments on “Return post 1 in which I wonder how you do it”

  1. Matt says:

    ILLUSION, Michael!

    I’m not the one to advise on blogging, but it’s awesome to hear you found a new job! Hope it works well for you.

  2. Tolly says:

    OMG, Kelly! You know I am completely neurotic and bipolar when it comes to social media, so maybe I am not the best person to give advice, BUT. I do have to say that I think it’s healthy that you are asking these questions. It’s a sign that even you – a social media rockstar! – realize that it’s a slippery slope from Twitter fun to networking to obligatory blogging to WORK. Because in a town like this, it’s so easy for this hobby to turn into work.

    I have a rule with myself. Again, I have an existential crisis with social media roughly once a week. But anyway, I find taking little social media “blackout days” – no Twitter, FB, blogging, etc. – REALLY helps me get out there and live life, hence, giving me things to come back and blog about! 🙂 It can be an anxious feeling, ignoring that stuff for days at a time…but ultimately, I feel a lot more balanced when I give myself that permission.

    Love your blog, Kelly!

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