SXSWi: Friday

We were in the parking lot of Counter Cafe. Wade and Brian chatting in the front and I preoccupied with finding where to click in the seatbelt. Both hands groping for the seatbelt, travel coffee being held between my knees when Wade throws it in reverse.

Coffee all over me.

It was my own fault admittedly. Thank God Brian travels prepared and had a mini bottle of Oxi Clean in his backpack. (No joke) A few minutes later, a performance by that blessed cleaner worthy of any infomercial and I was restored to normal. Nothing, nothing in the world, can deter my excitement for the ultimate geekfest- SXSWi.

Day 1 was good. I’m quickly learning that the greatest assets of this conference are not necessarily the presenters but rather the attendees. I had a few “but of course” presentations where the information given was pretty much common sense, but the crowd quickly increased the value with their insights and questions. I think the biggest take away idea from yesterday was to let interns develop the intern guide for the next batch. Simple, I know, but it was something I hadn’t thought about.

The parties have been cool. I got to see Pains of Being Pure at Heart at an awesome range, met some AWESOME people (I’m looking at you fellow Kelly) and got to tour Toquigny (spelling?) at the top of the Frost tower. The conclusion from the Toquigny party was that every work space should have thinking pods. Just saying.

All in all, a very good day.


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