SXSWi Day 3

Everything feels like it’s moving… slower. It may be because my brain is moving slower. As a SXSWi newbie, I now know why the veterans say this is a marathon and not a sprint. Early mornings, late nights and more information than a brain can handle. But we’re here, badge-sporting, coffee-sucking, laptop-donning and we’re going to give it our best shot. Today my team is much more focused on the non-profit track (the “greater good” ones).

I will say that yesterday was pretty brilliant. We brainstormed all day on how to apply these bits of info to our organization– even at night. You know you’re in a good creative mindset when talking about work at a bar is exactly what you want to do.

Highlights of the conference:

At the Tocquigny party, strange man approaches Brian as we’re about to get in the elevator and starts rambling and asks a question. Brian’s response? “I’m anything that will get me through this elevator ride.”

OH: a 20 something couple, guy says to girl, “Your demographic is cool and all…”

Talking life lessons and religion at the back corner at Casino El Camino.

Having Kelly B. become a solid part of our entourage.

Core convo where the presenter didn’t show so we hosted it ourselves and it rocked

More to come


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