Nerd Special: On BBC America & The Dr. Who Intro

Nerd Rant Begin:

If I have sought out BBC America, a channel which many people do not know exists, and am watching Dr. Who on a Saturday night, then it is highly unlikely that I am unfamiliar with the series. I DON’T NEED THE INTRO! I KNOW WHO AMELIA POND IS! ALSO, HOW DARE YOU NOT HONOR THE MEMORY OF ROSE TYLER BY MAKING IT SOUND LIKE AMY’S THE ONLY COMPANION HE EVER HAD!

It just makes me think that BBC America is not considering their audience. I get why you may have to introduce a British show on American television, but not this one. It’s iconic. And your audience is watching the BBC, not ABC, so they probably know what’s up.

Also, the season 6 finale was… ah.may.zing.

This is the intro in case you were wondering:


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